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Dustin Diamond Dead: Screech Death Hoax Hits the Web

Jun 18, 2007

Dustin Diamond is dead was the headline of a bunch of e-mails that flooded inboxes over the weekend. That of course had people asking who is Dustin Diamond. Diamond is the actor that played 'Screech' on "Saved by the Bell." Oh and he's not dead. The hoax was from late May and for some reason emerged again this weekend.

Dustin Diamond Dead: Screech Death Hoax Hits the Web

Dustin Diamond Dead: Screech Death Hoax Hits the Web

The report claimed: "Actor Dustin Diamond died while filming a movie in New Zealand early this morning - May 23, 2007. Preliminary reports from New Zealand Police officials indicate that the actor fell more than 60 feet to his death on the Kauri Cliffs while on-set. Specific details are not yet available."


Wikipedia explains while mocking Screech. "This report was easily identified as a hoax, as it claimed that somebody cast him in a movie. This report was a hoax circulated by unknown parties from a bogus news story generated on the website This site allows users to generate news stories formatted to appear as if they originated on Yahoo news."

The user can type in any name and a story that appears to be authentic will be generated. Links are embedded within the story that will, when clicked, unveil the hoax.


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