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Emma Roberts Engaged to Evan Peters - Roberts Lands Boyfriend with Weird Flirting Skills

By Staff
Mar 25, 2014
Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is engaged to Evan Peters and Roberts earlier revealed her flirting on the set of a movie may have been the start of their romance, but at first he thought she was weird.

The couple - who got engaged over the Christmas period - were introduced to each other while filming 'Adult World' in 2012, but the 22-year-old actress admits her beau Evan Peters, 26, didn't show her an ounce of interest at first, despite her endless flirting.

Emma says Evan just thought she was weird, but they finally dated and are now engaged.

Maybe he will do the grocery shopping.

Emma also earlier revealed that she was horrified she had to buy her own toilet paper when she moved in on her own. The 'American Horror Story' actress moved out of her parents' house when she was 18 and quickly found out some harsh realities about fending for herself.

She said: "My first reality check was when I moved into my own apartment when I was 18. I was like, 'Wait, I have to buy my own toilet paper?

And I have to wash my own clothes? I miss my mom!' It's stuff like that you don't think about as a kid. Being an adult is not glamorous."

Emma, 23, is engaged to her 'American Horror Story' co-star Evan Peters, who she first met on the set of the movie 'Adult World' and she says the loves co-starring with people she is close to.

She added in an interview with America's OK! magazine: "I love jobs where you get to work with people you love and are friends with. It just makes the day go by faster."

(Image: WENN)

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