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Falcon Heene Hoax? (Photos, Video) Balloon Boy & 'Today' Barf

Oct 16, 2009

Was it a Falcon Heene hoax? Balloon Boy is losing his cookies all over the NBC Today show with a barf in high definition! "Mom, I feel like I'm going to vomit," Falcon said. He barfed twice for TV audiences up and down the dial, spilling vomit all over 30 Rock at NBC and then leaving behind a little gift for ABC's Good Morning America.
Falcon Heene - Balloon Boy & 'Today' Barf, Some Ask...Hoax?
Falcon Heene - Balloon Boy & 'Today' Barf, Some Ask...Hoax?

Is he nervous because he is part of an elaborate hoax designed to bring attention the the thrill seeking family? During an interview Thursday night on CNN, Falcon said, "We did this for a show."


Many in America stopped whatever they were doing as the story (that wasn't a story) unfolded on live TV with helicopters giving furious chase to this funky 'flying saucer' looking balloon that supposedly contained Falcon Heene, the six-year old serial vomiter.

Fox reports, "Americans sat riveted to their television screens on Thursday as a homemade, UFO-looking helium balloon drifted across two counties in Colorado." Everyone wondered if he could survive.


When the balloon crash landed, it was quickly rounded up by authorities that did a great job chasing the contraption and hauling it in. But there was no boy in the basket. Where was Falcon? Did he fall - was he alive or dead? A nation worried.

Just a short time later it was announced that the boy was never in the balloon and was home 'hiding' the whole time. Now folks are screaming that it might be a hoax. Video photos at Mom Logic here. What do you think?

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