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"Family Matters" Playboy Wish for Cherie Johnson (Photos)

Apr 27, 2011

Cherie Johnson of "Family Matters" fame wants you to see her nude in Playboy and the now grown up actress, who also played Punky Brewster's BFF back in the '80s, takes off her top during a beach photos shoot (see below) to show off her assets now.
Playboy Wish for Cherie Johnson.

Playboy Wish for Cherie Johnson.

She tells the website:

"I have been threatening my family that I was going to do 'Playboy' since I was 18 years old."

Cherie adds: "When my mom said 'Okay' ... and my grandma said, 'Bring me a autographed copy,' I figured I'd make it a goal."


More Playboy notes from the celebrity file...

Cat Deeley earlier revealed how she almost agreed to pose for Playboy magazine – because she thought she could 'work' a set of bunny ears.

The British TV star toyed with the idea of gracing the cover of the adult mag after receiving an offer from publisher Hugh Hefner. But she eventually turned down the X-rated shoot, because she feared her father might not recover from the shock.

"I did not say yes because my father is still alive and I would like him to remain that way for the foreseeable future. My dad couldn't handle it," she said. Deeley, 37, spoke candidly about her potential Playboy career during an appearance on George Lopez's US chat show.


The Birmingham-born presenter, who hosts American TV show So You Think You Can Dance, revealed how she received the offer after attending a party at the world famous Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

"We went and he [Hugh Hefner] was just as you'd expect him to be," she said. "He had his white satin pyjamas on and couldn’t understand a word I was saying. "It started at 5.30pm. It was like an early movie night. Everybody was tucked up with their little blankets.

"But there is life in the old dog yet. After I'd been there, a week later my manager got a phone call saying would I be interested in doing the cover and an inside story."

She added: "There was part of me that was kind of like 'Ooh I could work a set of ears. I could make that happen for me.' But everybody sensible in my life said absolutely not."

One more picture below.

(Images: Johnny Louis/

Playboy Wish for Cherie Johnson.
Playboy Wish for Cherie Johnson.

Playboy Wish for Cherie Johnson.


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