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George Clooney Marriage Vow - Sexy New Girlfriend Elisabetta, But Not Yet

Jan 23, 2010

George Clooney, 48, has a sexy new girlfriend (pictured with Clooney), but wouldn't marry himself and doesn't know how his girlfriends put up with him. Clooney, who seems born to play the disaffected middle-aged male in Up in the Air, is currently dating a gorgeous Italian MTV presenter, Elisabetta Canalis, 31.
George Clooney Marriage Vow Extends to Sexy New Girlfriend Elisabetta
George Clooney Marriage Vow Extends to Sexy New Girlfriend Elisabetta

Naturally, there are wedding rumors. But Clooney says he wouldn't place bets on himself.


He said: "I am always working and have so many different interests outside acting. If I was my girlfriend, I wouldn't put up with me for very long and they don't either. People are always trying to marry me off, thinking I am suffering in some way. I tried marriage and it didn't work. I have had long relationships with women and they get bored with me working all the time. My fear is that I would still make a lousy husband and I don't want to put myself or anyone else through the pain of finding out."

It is a little-known fact that Clooney was once married to an actress, Talia Balsam, from 1989 to 1993. He said that it may have worked out better if he tried it at a more seasoned stage of life.

"Have I had doubts? Of course. But I don't have time to think about them, because I am always travelling and working. Had marriage come later in life, I would probably have understood better how to make it work."

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