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Hannah Montana Lesbian Photos: Miley Cyrus Under Fire for Pictures

Dec 29, 2007

Is there another Disney scandal brewing? Hannah Montana starlet Miley Cyrus has had several racy snaps leaked of her and another girl. Before you think this is another full frontal Vanessa Hudgens wild leaked photos brouhaha it's not, she is fully clothed and appears to be just clowning around with her friend. But they have been dubbed as lesbian photos as they make their way across the World Wide Web.
Miley Cyrus Under Fire for Pictures (Image: Wenn)

Miley Cyrus Under Fire for Pictures (Image: Wenn)

The problem is the two girls are on the floor and leaning into each other in two of the shots. In one they appear to be sharing a piece of licorice. In another it almost looks like they are ready to make out.


Now remember Miley Cyrus is barely fifteen years old. Is it just innocent fun or a bit too racy for the Disney starlet? With the earlier Vanessa photos scandal and now sixteen-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy shock these young gals will have everyone looking at their actions. The photos are here, you decide if they are too wild for a fifteen year old.

Many were even shocked when a photo of Miley was snapped where she is carrying a Victoria's Secret bag. Miley has given an interview and says that the photos are just two girls at a sleepover. She's saying there is nothing wrong with the snaps. That interview is here. is this much ado about nothing? I think so, but still it has evolved into a mini-scandal.


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