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Heidi Klum Nude Portraits with Seal Impressive Says Guest

Jan 22, 2007

Gorgeous supermodel Heidi Klum and her hubby Seal apparently are not shy about showing off their bodies to those that get an invite to their home. A report from the New York Daily News details that the pair have numerous nude portraits hanging in their Los Angeles home.

Heidi Klum Nude Portraits with Seal: Expect More Kids

Heidi Klum Nude Portraits with Seal: Expect More Kids

We know what you're thinking, what is their publicist's number and how do I snag an invite to Casa del Seal?


Good luck with that. Meanwhile the News notes that someone fortunate enough to lay eyes on the portraits appears to not only very impressed with Heidi's fabulous body, but with Seal's endowment as well.

In an item from Gatecrasher, Ben Widdicombe notes guests who passed through Seal and Heidi's L.A. home during the golden globes weekend were struck by the couple's taste in art.

"There are big naked photo portraits of them, with the kids [Leni and Henry]," says a pal. The nude images, a private commission, appear to have been taken before Klum was pregnant with her most recent child, Johan. Apparently, they leave no doubt what she sees in Seal. "They are tasteful but, you know, confronting," says the source.

Expect more kids, deadpans Gatecrasher.


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