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Hilary Duff Stands Mike Comrie Despite Vicious Gossip

Aug 8, 2007

Hilary is standing by her man. Hilary Duff's new boyfriend, Canadian pro hockey player Mike Comrie, is at the center of a false and ugly rumor that's been circulation for years - but Hilary is standing tall and will support her athlete, Star Magazine is reporting this week. Duff first went public with Comrie during a July 25 dinner date at the Georgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica.
Hilary Duff Stands Mike Comrie Despite Vicious Gossip

Hilary Duff Stands Mike Comrie Despite Vicious Gossip

The magazine then reports that afterward, a number of celebrity and sports Web sites were bombarded with hundreds of comments referencing a rumor that began making the rounds after Comrie was traded from his hometown Edmonton Oilers in 2003; namely, that he was banished from the Oilers after sleeping with the wife of one of his teammates!


"Thanks for having sex with your [teammate's] wife, Mike - you ruined the Oilers there for awhile," read one post to Another post to claimed, "I have heard from a very good source about him sleeping with [his teammate's] wife. Hilary is so much better than him!"

But Duff is unfazed by the vicious gossip, says a friend of the couple - and with good reason. Multiple sources tell Star the rumor is absolutely untrue! "In Edmonton, hockey is the only game in town; it's the lifeblood of the city," the friend tells Star.


The source continued, "And Mike was the hometown hero Golden Boy during the three seasons he was with the Oilers. But by the summer of 2003, it got so bad he couldn't go out for a loaf of bread at the store without politely listening to a 20-minute story from every fan on the street. Mike will always love Edmonton, but the attention just became overwhelming."

"So when he asked to be traded from the team that summer, and was sent to the Philadelphia Flyers, the Edmonton fans felt an intense sense of betrayal, and the venom directed at Mike reached a ridiculous level. That's when someone started that disgraceful and hurtful rumor - and it just took on a life of its own."

"But Hilary sees it for the garbage it is, and she's letting it roll right off her back!"


Star then cites an Edmonton hockey source that adds, "The rumor was the type of thing that probably got started by some drunks in a bar! There was never a shred of evidence to support this story - and no one ever stepped forward to back it up."

Cue the repô: Mike Comrie's agent, Ritch Winter, tells Star: "Having been close to Mike, as well as the teammate's wife in question and her husband, whom I also represent, I assure you that the atrocious rumors about her and Mike are completely false."

Lots more on the couple in this week's Star.


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