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Britney's Little Sister Jamie Lynn Spears - Bachelorette Party Black Out

By Staff
Jun 2, 2014
Britney Spears

Britney's little sister Jamie Lynn Spears bachelorette party was blacked out, the pretty blonde singer says she was too afraid to have one.

The 23-year-old country singer, who married James Watson at a park in New Orleans in March and has five-year-old daughter Maddie with ex-fiancé Casey Aldridge, admits she didn't have a pre-wedding bash with her friends because she was worried they would hire a stripper.

The conservative star told E! News on Friday: ''I'm a lady. I didn't even want to chance it, not that that's like what my friends would do, but I didn't even want to chance it because that just makes me uncomfortable.''

The former Nickelodeon star insists she has a very normal life.

She explained: ''We live in Louisiana with my daughter and it's just really simple. I go work for three days and then I come back home and jump right back into being a mom.''

The blonde beauty loves hanging out with her older sister, Britney Spears, in Las Vegas, but claims they've only ever gone to a nightclub once in the city.

She said: ''Usually it's kind of a family thing. I don't really do the whole go out thing, I went to a club one time and I had anxiety, it was just too many people.

''I think that the room service and everything else is just my style.''

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