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Jennifer Aniston Calls Brad Pitt a Coward?

Jan 25, 2006

Jennifer Aniston was reportedly angry and humiliated when she learned of Angelina Jolie's pregnancy through friends according to a published report.

Should Brad Have Called Jen?

Should Brad Have Called Jen?

The American beauty was not happy that she didn't learn about her ex-husbands knocked-up girlfriend from him, the American tabloid 'The Star' reports.

The tabloid dishes - it was another example of what she calls Brad's 'cowardice.'

The tab reports:

What stung Jen the most, friends say, is that Brad didn't tell her the news himself. "Jen and Brad have talked sporadically over the past few months, but he avoids the subject of Angelina. I guess he figures he's sparing her some hurt," says a close friend of Jen.

"But it's worse when she finds out things through other people. This was really crushing." After six years together, 4 1/2 of them married, the source says, "she now questions whether what she and Brad had was real.

After all the hurt Brad had caused her, this was another knife in her back, and it almost sent her into a plate-throwing rage.

A plate throwing rage? That's a new one.

Brad Pitt still has a "tremendous impact on her life" the tabloid concludes. But would that cause her to fly into a rage and cause her to call her former hubby a coward?

It's anyone's guess, but that's the tabloid report.

--Lynda Johnson


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