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Jennifer Aniston Ferris Bueller Affair - Romance with Co-Star Charlie Schlatter?

By Staff
Apr 29, 2014

Jennifer Aniston had an "affair" with Ferris Bueller co-star Charlie Schlatter, a report has claimed.

The sexy US actress - who is engaged to Justin Theroux - reportedly shared an "extra hot" romance with Charlie Schlatter when they starred together in 'Ferris Bueller', the short-lived 1990 TV adaptation of classic movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.

GQ editor-in-chief Jim Belson was a writer's assistant on the 13-episode show - which starred Charlie in the title role and Jennifer as his older sister Jeannie - and revealed the "dirt" in a new piece for the magazine.

He wrote: "To Aniston worshipers, I can offer little dirt. She was lovely, kept to herself on the set, smoldering a bit like her outraged character, 17-year-old Jeannie Bueller. She was a brunette then, with none of Rachel Green's (of 'Friends') bob or self-possession.

"GQ can exclusively report that everyone on set thought she was hot, including Schlatter, with whom she had a brief, torrid romance - while playing, it must be said, his older sister. To we immaturions on the show, this seemed extra-hot. Like performative incest."

Four years after their fling, Charlie, now 46, went on to marry Colleen Gunderson.

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