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Jennifer Aniston Topless Photos Leak: The Year of Paparazzi Battles

Dec 30, 2007

Jennifer Aniston is a prime paparazzi target. Right now the actress is in Mexico and is paparazzi target number one as she is reportedly with someone, and no one can figure out who the guy is. That means they are all over her. But her biggest story of 2007 wasn't really a paparazzi leak, a still photo of Jennifer topless leaked out from the set of "The Break Up" the hit film she was in with then sweetie Vince Vaughn.
Jennifer Aniston in GQ

Jennifer Aniston in GQ

Word leaked out in February that this photo was available as her attorney moved quickly to try and stop the photo from being published. The French Magazine 'Choc' ignored the directive and published the still photo showing Jennifer's breasts.


That means blogs far and wide grabbed a scanned copy of the photo of the magazine and the picture was everywhere. Lawyers moved in again and most of the photos were taken down after threats of a lawsuit. In an interview with TV show Access Hollywood, she was given a nice compliment. "You have a very nice tush," the show's Nancy O'Dell said of the nude scene she shares with Vaughn.

"Thank you Nancy," Aniston replied, before adding she wasn't too worried about getting undressed on screen. "It's one of those scenes that you sort of forget about because you love the movie and the script so much," she said.


The photo is still available on several foreign blogs. This list has it, the first page is safe and it will be the fourth link down. That takes you directly to the photos so be warned. Jen looks great in the shot and she added, "I just knew that it would be shot tastefully and it was such a funny joke in my mind, that I just figured well, just grin and bare it."


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