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Jennifer Lopez Accused in Court of Conjuring Voodoo Spells

Jul 7, 2006

Jennifer Lopez's first husband claimed during a court deposition that the Latin actress and singing star used Santeria to influence him and other men in her life.

J Lo Accused in Court of Conjuring Voodoo Spells

J Lo Accused in Court of Conjuring Voodoo Spells

Her former husband, Ojani Noa, claims J.Lo cast "voodoo" spells on him and other lovers. After their marriage ended, "She was doing bad things to a lot of people," Noa alleged in his deposition, according to Court TV.

"She was doing all this religious bulls... to me, to [second husband] Cris [Judd], to Puffy [Combs], to [current husband Marc] Anthony," according to Noa.

Lopez and her publicist declined to comment on the charges yesterday.

Noa stated that Lopez practices a form of spiritualism known as Santeria or Brujeria, which draws on an African tradition of chanting, trance states and animal sacrifice. The practice is common in the Caribbean islands and also common in the Bronx, New York from where J Lo hails.

The practice of Santeria is a mixture of African mysticism and Catholicism as a result of black slaves on Caribbean islands masquerading their practices by using Catholic icons to symbolize different spirits.

Santeria is oftened confused with Voodoo. One of the practices is the animal sacrifice, usually a goat or chicken, but sometimes other animals are used during practitioners' rituals. Brujeria, which is similar, delves into what's known as the Black Arts of witchcraft.

Noa made his claims during a grilling by Lopez's lawyers in connection with their 2005 agreement barring him from discussing their 11-month marriage. Even though Lopez paid him $150,000 to remain silent, she alleges Noa has tried to sell stories to tabloids and has been shopping a book proposal about their romance, according to the New York Daily News.

Lopez, who went to court to block that deal, says he even asked for an extra $5 million in hush money.

"I live in a free country," Noa told Lopez's lawyer, according to papers posted on Court TV's The Smoking Gun (, "I can express myself. I can talk and say whatever I want to. No?"

Last week, Noa agreed to an injunction gagging him.

This isn't the first time it's been alleged that Lopez may have been a devotee of Santeria, or Way of the Saints. In 2003, it was reported that Lopez called off her wedding to Ben Affleck after her spiritual adviser, Merle Gonzalez, warned against it.

While Noa's deposition may appear comical, believers in Santeria take it quite seriously and have a fervent belief in the spirit world.

(While working in law enforcement in New York City, writer Jim Kouri often had contacts with practitioners of Santeria in Hispanic neighborhoods.)


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