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Jillian Michaels, Biggest Loser Trainer Quits Because of Rachel Frederickson Controversy?

By Staff
Apr 9, 2014
Rachel Fredrickson freaked out some fans and maybe even Jillian Michaels by weighing 105 pounds at the Biggest Loser finale.

Jillian Michaels may quit the Biggest Loser again, this time because of the Rachel Frederickson controversy at the end of last season, a report has claimed.

The Biggest Loser is a reality TV show on NBC TV and follows the paths of overweight people as they try to get healthier by dropping huge amounts of weight.

Rachel Frederickson won last year on the Biggest Loser and there was some controversy as she looked pin thin at the finale.

Rachel worked with Dolvett Quince, and Rachel, pictured above, started the show at 260 pounds and continued to lose weight at home and weighed in at only 105 pounds for the season finale.

She has now regained 20 pounds and says she's at a better weight.

But the controversy had an effect on Jillian and an insider tells Us Weekly she may not return.

"They asked her to come back to boost the ratings and they needed her, but the Rachel thing shook her up," said the source.

"Her feeling is that there isn't proper attention paid to the contestants' health or wellness."

Should Jillian return to the Biggest Loser next season?

(Image: NBC)

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