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Judge Joe Brown Arrested - Show Canceled by CBS over Salary Dispute Last Season

By Staff
Mar 26, 2014
Judge Joe Brown

Judge Joe Brown was arrested recently, the reality TV judge has had a tough year, his show was canceled by CBS just last season over a salary dispute.

Judge Joe was raking in the cash to sit on the bench for afternoon television, he reportedly was making $20 million a year at CBS and balked at a renewal amount that was not to his liking.

His arrest has nothing to do with his reality TV show career, however, Joe was in a real court when a judge tossed him in jail after a heated argument.

He was arrested in Memphis after reportedly getting "verbally abusive" in court, a report revealed.

Check out his mug shot above.

Mediaite reports:

"He showed up in a juvenile court in Memphis for a child support case, and he “reportedly lost control,” at which point he was removed from the courtroom and sentenced to two days in jail for contempt of court.

He kept yelling as he was taken out, and his sentence was bumped up to three days."

Another report revealed that the case was apparently not on the docket for that date and time and Judge Joe Brown was unhappy about the mix up.

The veracity of which he expressed his opinion to the court landed him in jail.

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