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Modern Family Actress Girl Crush or Envy? Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara

By Staff
Apr 23, 2013
Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara

Does Julie Bowen have a girl crush on her curvy 'Modern Family' co-star Sofia Vergara?

On the ABC comedy show, Julie's character is jealous of Sofia's fabulous body and good looks and in real life, sometimes life imitates art.

A new report says the blonde actress is envious of her brunette co-star's natural grace and femininity, and admits she feels like a tomboy next to the super confident and seductive Latina star.

She explains it like a gilr crush: ''Sofia is just so comfortable with herself. She knows who she is and she has accepted it full.

''I've always felt like I've straddled this line between being a tomboy and I guess if you dress me up just right and put on the right bra I can sort of look girly, but I always feel like I'm playing dress up.

''Sofia's one of the first women I've spent a lot of time with who's just so female and so completely at ease with herself and the power that comes with that and the money she's made with it.''

During awards season, the cast members all submit themselves for the Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories instead of Leading, and Julie confessed she was devastated when she won in 2012 and Sofia didn't.

She told Britain's Stylist magazine: ''When I won the Emmy the first year, I came over to her and was about to cry because I thought she should have it and she said, 'Now you listen to me, you do not apologize for this, this is yours, you take it. Next year its mine, but now it's yours.' I love that person.''

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