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Kate Gosselin Alone: Did Jon Quit Role on Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Jun 14, 2009

Did Jon quit his role on Jon and Kate Plus 8 and leave Kate alone? Us Weekly notes that the dad of the popular series on TLC wants out of the show and right now the only thing keeping him on your high definition TV screen is a contract with a whole lot of dollar signs. But if Jon believes he now has enough money to live on his own and pursue other women will he stay? And what if they divorce?
Kate Gosselin Alone: Did Jon Quite Role on Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Kate Gosselin Alone: Did Jon Quite Role on Jon and Kate Plus 8?

OK! Magazine asks if she and husband Jon Gosselin, 32, were to formally separate, could he conceivably get the kids? “In most custody cases, the mother retains custody,” expert Gold says. [But] people could think Kate is behind the need to place the kids in the spotlight."


"Perhaps with Jon not there, she could focus even more on the cameras.” Gold also feels Kate’s speaking engagements - which kept her away for much of May - are problematic. “Being a stay-at-home dad would help Jon,” Gold says. That’s not to say he has a slam dunk case for full custody. “He takes a lot of trips without the kids and has been photographed at bars with young women.”

The magazine notes that in the event of divorce, Gold predicts a joint-custody arrangement. “It’s really going to be interesting how it plays out,” she says.

*Update - Title Changed to correct error. -Ed.


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