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Katie Couric Sex Life Exposed in Tell All

Aug 30, 2007

Katie Couric will have her sex life exposed in a new unauthorized biography. Critics are calling the book a hatchet job, but fans of the book say it does a good job of unmasking Couric for who she really is. The tome is written by Edward Klein. He is busy promoting the book and defending his actions.

"She's become a cougar," Klein tells Star Magazine. In his book, Klein notes that Perlin "gets along well" with Katie's daughter, Ellie and Carrie, by her late husband Jay Monahan. But the author says that the eyebrow-raising romance could have serious career fallout.


"Katie's undermining [what] her CBS bosses would like viewers to believe about her - that she's an authority on news." Klein tells Star. "It's very hard for her to come across as the next Walter Cronkite when her personal life with Brooks keeps grabbing the headlines!"

Should he have even written it? He says yes. "Here's a woman who was an enormous success in morning news, who has become a dismal failure in the evening, why?" Klein asks.


Media Bistro reports that when Sean Hannity blushed at not wanting to read about "her affairs," on Fox News Klein said "then she should probably not be going all over Nantucket with her current boyfriend and having her picture taken with him all the time."


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