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Katie Holmes Catholic Parents Beg Tom Cruise: Baptize the Baby

Mar 29, 2006

The fabulous Katie Holmes seems to be getting very close to the day she will give birth. And Katie's Catholic parents have some strong concerns. Reportedly - they are pleading with Tom Cruise to allow the baby to be baptized.

Katie's parents want the baby baptized

Katie's parents want the baby baptized

Star will report in this week's edition that Katie’s mom, Kathleen, 59, recently flew to L.A. to comfort Katie in her final days of pregnancy, help her through delivery and make a last attempt at persuading Tom to have the baby Baptized and raised in her religion, Roman Catholicism.


According to a source close to the Holmes family, if Tom gets his wish and the baby is born at a Scientology site rather than a hospital- “Katie’s parents want assurances that their religious beliefs will be upheld by having a Catholic priest present.”

The source then tells the Star Magazine that Katie’s mom will do the ceremony herself if she has to. But Katie’s parents are still hoping that Tom will agree to the presence of the priest.


Katie has been studying up on Scientology and is preparing to join the faith, though sources say she doesn’t yet feel comfortable with all of the rules yet. She’s battling with Tom over her desire to give birth in a conventional hospital, in case something goes medically wrong. “Katie wants to be surrounded by family and close friends after her baby’s birth,” says a source close to her. “But in keeping with Scientology’s rules, Tom wants the baby to be enveloped in a cocoon of quiet and peace the first days of life.”


One report has stated that the baby will be born in St Johns Hospital in Santa Monica, so maybe a compromise has been reached.

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--Tina Sims


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