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Katie Hopkins Nude Photos: Field Romp Staged to Promote Katie?

May 31, 2007

Apprentice vixen Katie Hopkins is being accused by many of staging her nude romp in a field that was caught by photographers and published in British newspapers. The buzz is that there is no such thing as bad publicity for Katie as she vies for the Apprentice gig. A report claims that with those extraordinary photos, supposedly taken without her knowledge - though cynics would suggest they had been staged - her profile has rocketed.

Katie Hopkins Nude Photos: Field Romp Staged to Promote Katie?

Katie Hopkins Nude Photos: Field Romp Staged to Promote Katie?

A quick internet search tells you everything about Katie's standing in the public eye, with some of the more printable insults including "unmitigated snob" and "nasty piece of work." Poor Katie or not?


The UK Daily Mail reports that she has fared no better with the critics. Descriptions range from "a transvestite Mr Punch" to "more sorcerer than apprentice - an undiluted piece of poison" with "wet red lips, like she's been biting the heads off mice".

But could the winner in this unseemly state of affairs turn out to be Katie herself? This week, an impeccably placed source on the show told the Mail that the 31-year-old, who lives with her two young daughters in Rockbeare, Devon, "never had the slightest intention of actually working for Sir Alan."


"She's an extraordinarily shrewd operator," a source, who has watched Katie at close quarters for several months told the newspaper. "She realized early on that she wasn't one of the strongest candidates, but was determined to use the situation to her best advantage. It was almost as if she was deliberately turning herself into a pantomime villain."

A 100,000 a year job may not be enough for Katie. One report speculates that she will make that almost instantly no matter if she works for sir Alan or not.

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