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Kellie Pickler Keeps the Cleavage, Shows Off New Trim Look

Dec 5, 2007

Kellie Pickler has slimmed down. But her fans needn't wory, she has kept the cleavage. The rising country starlet caught a lot of grief when she made her return to the American Idol stage about her new cleavage from host Ryan Seacrest earlier this year, but now she has a toned tummy to go with for a killer new look.
Kellie Pickler Keeps the Cleavage, Shows Off New Look

Kellie Pickler Keeps the Cleavage, Shows Off New Look

So how did she do it? According to People Magazine here's the three-part weight loss philosophy of Kellie Pickler: 1. Dont count calories. How depressing would that be if you always had to look at the back of a bag of potato chips? Just dont buy the family-size bag! 2. Give up nothing. I love steak, sushi, pasta! I eat everything. 3. Hit the gym but only when it fits your busy schedule.


She told the magazine, "This week I had Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly I have not worked out at all! Despite her diet defiance, the 51 American Idoler has lost 17 lbs. since May. How? Drinking more water and no longer eating when she isnt truly hungry, a bad habit that put 22 extra pounds on her during last years American Idol tour.

When she has time, Pickler, 21, swims, runs or fits in a game of football with her band. Its not about losing weight at this point, explains Pickler, who is happy being 108 lbs. Its about getting everything to stop flopping around!


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