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Kim Kardashian and Pregnant Marisa Miller Go Underwater for Bikini Photos

Aug 8, 2012
Marisa looks great in and out of the water.

Kim Kardashian reportedly is ready to get pregnant and have Kanye West's baby and the reality TV starlet recently stripped down to show off her body to fans on Twitter during an underwater swim.

See Kim's picture below.

Also in on the underwater bikini fun is swimsuit model Marisa Miller (see her photo above and below in the gallery) she's already pregnant and looks beautiful in her photos.

The Victoria's Secret model and her husband Griffin Guess revealed their happy news of her pregnancy in June and although she is "exhausted" and "gaining weight", Marisa is excited about their impending arrival.

She said:

"My husband and I have always looked forward to starting a family, but also wanted to enjoy just being married. After six years together, the time feels right. My sisters and I will all have babies in 2012 so it's such an exciting time. Even though I'm exhausted, gaining weight and breaking out from all the hormones, I'm really enjoying my pregnancy. It's all for the baby so I couldn't care less!"

The couple tied the knot in April 2006 and Marisa has previously revealed she only has eyes for her husband.

She said: "My job can definitely bring out a lot of insecurities or trust issues, but I'm so thankful we never had that. I don't give my husband a reason to worry. Those kind of things can become a big problem in any relationship, and then especially with [my life] there's a whole new set of challenges."

(Images: Twitter / Marissa Miller, Twitter / Kim Kardashian)

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