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Kyla Ebbert Naked: Totally Nude Uncensored Playboy Photos Leak Online

Nov 16, 2007

That didn't take long - the Kyl Ebbert uncensored photos from Playboy have already been leaked online. Kyla is one time Hooter's waitress and is now a young woman that has posed for Playboy magazine. How did she get here? She made waves and grabbed a good deal of publicity for an earlier airline flight where she wore a very short skirt and a very low cut top. She said that she was traveling from her native California to Arizona to see a doctor.
Kyla Ebbert Playboy Photos Leaked (Image: Wenn)

Kyla Ebbert Playboy Photos Leaked (Image: Wenn)

As the story grew legs she (and as people were dying to see hers) she and her mom and a lawyer made their way up and down the television dial claiming that she treated poorly by Southwest Airlines as they told her she needed to cover up as it was a family airline. It was high drama as she showed off her skimpy short skirt and low cut top in high definition.


Debates ensued as some agreed that the look was very "slutty" while others claimed that since college girls all over America flash their wares at any given moment that it should be expected on airlines as well. It even brought forward another woman that claimed that the same airline had asked her to keep the girls covered also.

That was enough to get the men's magazine interested and now Kyla is taking full advantage of her cleavage and her opportunity. The photos are already online at Playboy along with a video but you have to be a member to view them. But as the World Wide Web turns the full uncut version has already been leaked.


The link to the new uncensored photos are here. The first link will be safe, but as you click through they will obviously not be as they are the actual Playboy photos.


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