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Kyla Ebbert Oops: A Britney Spears Like Crotch Shot on NBC

Sep 8, 2007

Update - Kyla has posed for Playboy (see link below) - Kyla Ebbert is a Hooter's waitress from San Diego. She apparently had some sort of a doctor's appointment in Tucson so she slapped on a Britney Spears like crotch shot outfit and decided to try and catch the short flight. She appeared on the NBC Today Show on Friday trying to explain that she wasn't pulling a Britney and that she wanted an apology.
Kyla Ebbert Oops: A Britney Spears Like Crotch Shot on NBC

Kyla Ebbert Oops: A Britney Spears Like Crotch Shot on NBC

A Southwest Air flight attendant nearly booted the bleached blonde off the plane when it was claimed that she was revealing too much for the "family" airline. The male flight attendant asked her to adjust her clothing or she would be taking another flight.


In what is likely going to be exhibit A for the defense if this ever gets to court, Kyla Ebbert goes on the NBC Today show with her mother and her lawyer to show everyone that she's really not a skank. Mom says her outfit's fine and she thinks all college girls flash their privates on airlines from coast-to-coast.

Well unfortunately for Kyla when trying to convince everyone thather attire was good for any occasion, she flashed her white panties on the Today show as she sat down. I guess the question is was she even wearing panties on the flight? Was she wearing a bra? Matt Lauer blew the interview never asking the questions.


Kyla says she wants the airline to apologize. Kyla and her mother are speaking with an attorney about what to do next. He said that if Paris Hilton were on the same flight she would have been showed to her seat and offered a drink.

Update - Kyla Ebbert Playboy Spread "Legs in the Air" Online.

See the video of the crotch shot here.


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