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Lady Gaga Tomb Discovery (Photos) Temple Singer Nehmes Bastet in Good Shape for 3,000 Year Old

Jan 18, 2012
Gasp - A Lady Gaga Mummy?

Temple singer Nehmes Bastet is described in reports as the Lady Gaga of her time and has been uncovered and despite her advanced age - she's about 3,000 years old, her tomb is in reasonably good shape.

Her body dates back almost 3,000 years in Egypt's Valley of the Kings and her tomb was discovered by Swissarcheologists working in Egypt who came across it by chance.

BBC reports:

"The coffin found in the tomb contains an intact mummy from almost 3,000 years ago.

Professor Susanne Bickel of the University of Basel told the BBC that the coffin was opened on Monday and she was able to see the "nicely wrapped" mummy of the woman who was buried in the tomb.

The opening of the coffin was carried out by Prof Bickel and her Basel colleague, field director Elina Paulin-Grothe, together with the Chief Inspector of Antiquities of Upper Egypt, Dr Mohammed el-Bialy and inspector Ali Reda."

Photos of the alive and well Lady Gaga are below and the mummified 3,000 year old pre-Gaga is pictured here from BBC.

It is unclear who dubbed the mummy, Nehmes Bastet, a singer for the supreme deity Amon Ra, as 'The Lady Gaga of her time,' but it will certainly assist in publicity for the discovery.

(Image: WENN)

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