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Lohan Family Turned Away During Late-Night Hotel Run - Lindsay is Broke, Moves in with Dina

By Staff
Jan 31, 2013
Dina and Lindsay Lohan on an earlier night out.

Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina were turned away from two hotels in Los Angeles, California after a late-night flight from New York.

TMZ reveals Lilo and her mom were rejected by two luxury hotels after attempting to check in early Wednesday morning.

According to an MSN report, the "first establishment, Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, apparently blacklisted Lindsay in 2007, after an apparent room-trashing incident. The second, Loews Hotel, told her they were full."

It still isn't clear where they wound up shacking up for the night, but it better not have cost too much as another report claims Lindsay is so broke, she must move in with mom Dina.

The 'Liz & Dick' star - who narrowly escaped a warrant being issued for her arrest by splashing out on a last minute first class flight from New York to Los Angeles to appear in court on Wednesday after initially claiming she was too ill to fly - has allegedly moved into her mother Dina's home in Long Island, New York as she continues to struggle to pay her debts.

A source close to the 26-year-old troubled starlet - who wore a Chanel dress and Christian Louboutin shoes to court - told gossip website that she is now ''flat-out broke'' and can't afford to rent an apartment on her own in Los Angeles.

The insider said: ''Lindsay is being forced to live at home with Dina because she can't afford any other options at the moment.

''Lindsay is flat-out broke and can't even afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood. There's simply no way she would pass a credit check right now, and even if she could she wouldn't be able to muster up a security deposit, let alone meet the rent every month.

''Lindsay's been telling everyone that she moved to New York because she was sick of Los Angeles. But that's just not true, she would love to move back west, but she can't afford to.

''In the past, Lindsay has managed to rope in another person to co-sign on leases because her bad credit means she can't get approved in her name alone. However, she couldn't find anyone willing to do that now as she has burned so many of her friends and associates.''

The source also claims that Lindsay is struggling to cope living in such close quarters with her mother again, saying: ''Dina seriously cramps Lindsay's style because she always wants to go out partying with her.

''It's embarrassing for Lindsay and she often dodges her mom's calls when she's out. Lindsay is constantly on the prowl these days to snag a new wealthy pal who has an apartment or vacation home she can move into.... rent free of course!''

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