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Lindsay Lohan Using Retail Therapy to Stay Off Booze?

By Staff
May 10, 2014
Lindsay Lohan

Is Lindsay Lohan using a little retail therapy to try to stay off alcohol and drugs? The actress loves to play dress up and shop with her friends and hopes that can help her stay clean.

The troubled actress is keeping herself busy now she is sober, and friend Chloe Green revealed she has turned to shopping with friends as a hobby instead of drinking.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the Topshop heiress said: ''Lindsay is doing really well.

''I met her briefly in New York and have seen her a few times in London and we've been getting on brilliant.

''Lindsay has cleaned up her act a lot. I'm not a big drinker, so when she is with me we do more of the shopping. We go trough her whole wardrobe. She likes putting people together and dressing up.''

While Lindsay is trying to clean herself up, her past reputation is making it difficult to find people to finance her movie 'Inconceivable' because of her ''diva behaviour''.

An insider recently claimed: ''There is currently no date for filming to begin on Lindsay's 'Inconceivable' ... producers are having trouble getting money for the project.

''There is always the problem of insuring Lindsay for movies. Her diva behaviour, not showing up on time, or at times, Lindsay doesn't even arrive at all. It's very likely this movie will never get made.

''The only reason 'Inconceivable' was pitched at Sundance was an attempt to garner interest and create buzz about the project. It didn't. Lindsay is currently in Europe attempting raise money for the project, but isn't having any luck.''

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