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James Deen Says Lindsay Lohan is Not as Professional as the Porn Stars He Usually Works With

By Staff
Jan 28, 2013
Lindsay Lohan is a brat on set according to porn star James Deen.

Lindsay Lohan is not as courteous as the usual porn stars James Deen works with.

Deen says one-time Disney child-star Lindsay Lohan acted like a child on the set of 'The Canyons,' a movie the two recently filmed together and frankly, he is not used to such behavior on set.

The porn star who has bedded thousands of women on camera and explained Lindsay was nothing like them - Lilo was more like a ''child lashing out'' during filming.

The troubled star plays Tara in the upcoming erotic thriller and her 26-year-old co-star James Deen - who has filmed more than 4,000 porn movies - was taken aback at Lindsay's erratic behavior on the set of his first mainstream flick.

He revealed: ''There were days when she would scream and yell and cry and refuse to come out. In porn I am used to working with professionals who are courteous to others. But Lindsay was like a child lashing out.''

It was recently revealed that Lindsay, 26, was so keen to get her career back on track that she accepted a mere $100 a day for her role in the film - which follows ''youth, glamor, sex and surveillance''.

However, when she was expected to strip down for one graphic scene, the flame-haired actress is said to have lashed out ''screaming''.

James continued to the Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''We were all standing round naked and the next thing Lindsay was screaming, 'Put your clothes on. For the love of God put your clothes on'.

''So we all put our robes on. But then she sat on the bed topless. When I asked her why she said she was 'allowed to'. With that I dropped my towel - and she stormed off set.

''She then refused to return until the entire crew stripped.''

On another occasion Lindsay refused to remove her high heels, insisting she could do what she wanted because she was the ''star'' of the film.

James added: ''It was a simple request. I am a short guy and it looked ridiculous with her towering over me in seven-inch heels.

''But she refused. She was crying and screaming that she was the star of the film. In the end it was decided I would wear boots to make me taller and she finally calmed down.''

Although Lindsay caused havoc on set, James couldn't help but notice how ''fragile'' the industry had made her, continuing: ''She is a product of the Hollywood system. She is so fragile you can't help but feel for her.''

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