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Linsday Lohan Critical of Dr Phil, Amanda Bynes - Upset with NYPD for Not Charging Christian LaBella

By Staff
Oct 2, 2012
Lindsay Lohan is upset with a lot of people.

Lindsay Lohan seems upset with a few people, and she is speaking out.

Most recently, the actress who is often in trouble with the law herself, is upset with the NYPD for not charging Christian LaBella in an incident where she claims he assaulted her.

The cops originally charged him on Lindsay's word, but then dropped the charges due to insufficient evidence of a crime.

Lohan has also recently complained that another troubled actress, Amanda Bynes, was not tossed in jail due to a series of car accidents that led to her own issues with the law.

LiLo earlier picked another fight - she has labeled Dr. Phil McGraw a ''fraud''.

The 26-year-old 'Liz & Dick' actress took to her mother Dina Lohan's defense following her bizarre interview with the talk show host earlier this month.

The troubled starlet posted a series of bitter tweets about the TV psychologist on Saturday, most of which she later deleted.

She wrote: ''@DrPhil You should be ashamed of yourself. What kind of man takes advantage of a woman @her most vulnerable state? YOU are the fraud.''

Dina - who has been called ''the worst mother in America'' - was slammed by Dr. Phil as a ''phony and inauthentic'' for appearing intoxicated and making rude gestures during their recent interview.

Watch the video below - it is hard to find someone who doesn't believe Dina is not buzzing.

Up until this weekend Lindsay had not commented on her mother's disastrous appearance, during which Dina lashed out at critics for condemning her parenting skills because of her high profile daughter's numerous stints in jail and rehab.

Lindsay also retweeted a message from a fan on Saturday that said: ''ur mom is strong like u, Dr.Phil is an evil guy. Focus on your work linds (sic)''.

After deleting the tweets, she wrote: ''My last tweet was referencing my amazing, beautiful, talented, strong mother.''

Dina also simply responded ''karma'' to a person who tweeted Lindsay a message saying: ''It was painfully clear that @dinalohan was uncomfortable and he exploited her insecurities shamefully!''

Dina has repeatedly claimed her erratic demeanor during her interview with Dr. Phil was because she was so upset and not drunk.

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