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Mad Men Season 5 Premiere - January Jones Defends Betty Draper

By Staff
Mar 26, 2012
January Jones Plays Fiesty Betty Draper in the 1960's Drama Mad Men

The Mad Men two hour premiere hit TV Sunday night, returning after a long 17-month layoff.

The critically acclaimed show has been on hiatus since October 2010.

January Jones plays Betty Draper on the series and says she is tired of her character being so harshly judged.

The actress says the fans' reaction to her actions as been unfair because Betty's husband Don Draper spent most of their marriage having affairs.

Speaking of Betty's fling with another man,January said: "She's judged so harshly. I remember, at the end of season two, she had that random affair in a bar, and the reaction was, 'How could she she have an affair? How could she do that to Don?' I was like, 'Do you watch the show?'

"I mean the guy has been sleeping with so many other women, talking to Betty's therapist behind her back and all these things... Betty finally gets hers in a bar, and it's like, 'What?'"

Betty has also faced criticism for her mothering skills - especially when she slapped her daughter - and January admits the audience is now becoming scared of Betty as the 1960s drama goes on.

She told Culture magazine: "I used to have more people come up to me in series one and two, and they were a bit more sympathetic to Betty. I guess when she was more internal with her feelings, you pitied her more. Lately, though, the fans are scared of Betty a bit more - most people are just shielding me from their children."

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