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MasterChef 2013 Results Tonight - Who is the Winner of Season 4 Finale?

By Staff
Sep 11, 2013
MasterChef Results Finale - Winner is Luca Manfe or Natasha Crnjac, announced tonight!

The MasterChef results show tonight (Sept. 11, 2013) will produce a winner, who will be crowned the champion of season 4 of the US MasterChef reality TV cooking show?

Luca Manfe and Natasha Crnjac (pictured above) will be the two chefs in the finals - who can win it all?

The prize is a good one, the chef who wins receives a trophy, $250,000 cash and the opportunity to create a MasterChef cookbook

The season has been an exciting one, 24 episodes of competition have brought the chefs and fans to the season finale for 2013.

Last week's eliminations were Krissi and Jessie, they just missed their chance to cook in the finals.

The MasterChef finale airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11 - check your local listing for the Fox broadcast TV channel you available in your area.

Tonight's show will feature the final two cooks Luca and Natasha facing of over preparing a three course meal for the judges.

The MasterChef judges are Joe Bastianich, Graham Elliot and Gordon Ramsay - who will they deem the winner of season four of MasterChef?

Tonight's Results:

The show is a one-hour finale and we will have the winner below so refresh as the show starts at 9 pm EDT.


The show is on and the cooks are presenting their dishes to the judges...

Natasha is first to present her dish to the judges.

Judge Joe Bastianich said that this is a dish that an experienced chef would never attempt, but it works.

Judges Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot think that the scallops are cooked perfectly and the flavors of the purees work really well together.

A good review for Natasha.

Can Luca top that?

Luca’s dish is a hit.

Ramsay it smells great and it is a very bold effort, he adds it may have needed another minute and a half in the oven.

Graham says that the flavors all go really well together but it is really rich.

Joe thinks that it does really well at riding between savory and sweet and it is a masterpiece.

Another good review!

The entrée round was a draw and now the desert and it iOS a is a panna cotta showdown!

The competition is so close - the judges think either cook can win!

But only one can...

Who is it?

After much stalling we have the results!!!

Natasha Crnjac is the runner up and that means...

The winner of MasterChef 2013 is Luca Manfe!

(Image: Fox)

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