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MasterChef 2014 Results Recap - Elimination Tonight, Who Goes Home?

By Staff
Aug 25, 2014
MasterChef 2014 Results Recap tonight.

MasterChef 2014 Results - who will be eliminated from the kitchen tonight?

The Top 7 chefs who remain on the show this season on Master Chef 2014 face the Mystery Box Challenge and an elimination test on MasterChef Season 5 tonight (August 25, 2014).

As an added bonus, the winner of tonight's competition gets to pick the pairings for the Elimination Test.

Who will go home of MasterChef 2014 tonight?

Check back be,ow for a live recap of the results show tonight.

The mystery box has been revealed on the show and is loaded with apples and that means the chefs will have to produce a dish with apples, but there is a catch.

No desert!

Who can make the best apple dish without making an Apple pie or another desert featuring the delicious fruit?

The chefs are working hard right now and will soon have a dish for the judges to taste, sample and judge.

The first chef shown tonight for the apple dish is Christian and the others will follow.

Who can make the dish that keeps them on Masterchef 2014?

The recap is coming.

Tonight's results:

The pairings tonight for MasterChef are:

Christian and Willie
Cutter and Elizabeth
Leslie and Jaimee

However, even though one team will finish at the bottom, only one contest it will be eliminated.

The judges decision:

The winning team tonight is Leslie and Jaimee!

Cutter and Elizabeth are safe, so both of them will move forward.

Willie and Christian are on the bottom tonight.

One stays and one goes…

Willie is eliminated and and Christian is the last safe contestant on MasterChef.

(Image: Fox)

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