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Matt Leinart Takes Cardinals Advice, Blows Off Paris Hilton

May 25, 2006

A report last week said that former USC quarterback Matt Leinart was given a bit of a warning from his new NFL team the Arizona Cardinals to be careful with the paparazzi pictures and reportedly he was not to be snapped with Paris Hilton and especially not enjoying a cocktail.

Another Jersey Change for Hilton?
Another Jersey Change for Hilton?

A report from Ted Casablanca details that he at last has dumped Paris.

Ted gives this account:


Looks like Matt Leinart's days with Paris H. are done, duh. He's rumored to have a new babe in Arizona, but don't expect this one to last long, either.

"The current girlfriend is just to show that Matt wasn't serious about Paris. He's dating around, playing the field," reported my pigskin snitch.


Ted has pigskin snitches in Arizona? Who knew?

Ted says the hope is that the new fling will help all forget the walk of shame that Matt performed earlier this month one morning outside of the Hilton home.

Matt's peeps are hoping this "relationship" is going to clean up Matt and make fans forget all about his fling with Paris.


I'm guessing he'll have to stay away from her for good for that to happen.

But Matt is trying to dump his "Hollywood" image so it really shouldn't be that tough and it certainly would make the Cardinals happy.

See Matt's walk of shame here at TMZ

--Josh Hart

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