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Mike Tyson Fat Crackhead Quip - "I Didn't Know"

Mar 16, 2011

Mike Tyson is very frank in interviews and visited recently with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush and Kit Hoover and joked and laughed with the hosts about many issues - including drug use.
Mike Tyson Fat Crackhead Quip -

Mike Tyson Fat Crackhead Quip - "I Didn't Know".

When Tyson was asked what he has done to get "back to fighting weight," he went into a strange direction.

"I became a vegan. I lost a 140 pounds," Tyson first told AH.

He then joked he thought coke would keep him thin.

"I always thought if you did cocaine, you stayed skinny. I didn't know you would turn into a fat crackhead. And you know there's nothing like a fat crackhead."

Watch the video here at Hip Hop Music.


Earlier for his new show, Tyson went back to one of his old gyms as part of his new reality TV show Taking On Tyson.

But despite showing off lightning speed as he lashed out a few punches at a heavy bag, the 44-year-old punch-out king insists he has no regrets staying away from the ring.

"Isn't it crazy, I used to do this stuff," Tyson insisted as he climbed under the ropes at his old gym.

"I have no desire to ever think about going back to boxing - I don't miss boxing. "I think the best moment of my life was when I retired. "I was too into that character, that Iron Mike guy, that guy was pretty toxic for me.

"He had overstayed his welcome. I was finished with him and I had to get away from him. "He became his own entity and he became kinda creepy and I had to get away from him.

"This is a part of me that I just don't like and don't understand."


The show concentrates on the former champ's love for pigeons, and in the latest episode Tyson took on two other guys in a race, and his birds came in a close second.

"I'm a big boy, I've got tough skin, I can handle it," Tyson said of the loss, while a friend off-camera quipped, "Yeah, he can take a punch."

(Image: WENN)


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