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Miss South Texas, 100 Pounds Off (Video) Keli Kryfko a Beauty Pageant Queen

By Staff
May 29, 2014
Keli Kryfko

Miss South Texas lost 100 pounds?

Keli Kryfko is the beautiful blonde beauty pageant winner in the photo above and has a remarkable weight loss story to tell.

She looks slim and fit now, but admits it wasn't always that way.

The woman who is now Miss South Texas weighed more than 200 lbs when she was at middle school and wore a size 24 as a young teen.

She was taunted over her weight by other students and decided to get in shape after hearing another student refer to her as 'the fat girl' during a PE test that she failed.

She was only 14 years old at the time, but used the taunts for motivation to drop the weight.

She gave up soda and used a common sense approach to take off the pounds gradually.

"I just used logic," she said, according to a UK Daily Mail report.

Watch the video below.

Keli added, "I thought, well I probably need to eat less fried foods and maybe I can eat the burger without the cheese."

It worked, she dropped 100 pounds and went on to become a beauty pageant contestant.

She's had success, she has won these crowns - Miss Allen 2012, Miss Limestone 2013 and Miss South Texas 2014

The sexy blonde who has dropped the weight has her eyes on another prize, Keli Kryfko is now vying for the title of Miss Texas.

(Image: Facebook / Keli Kryfko)

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