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Miss USA Tara Conner Cocaine, Lesbian Charges Not Enough for Axe

Dec 20, 2006

Tara Conner was tearful and full of remorse when she attended a press conference to announce that she was set to keep her crown and fulfill her duties as Miss USA for pageant owner Donald Trump. The blonde beauty queen had had accusations of cocaine use, passionate public lesbian kisses with fellow beauty queen Miss Teen USA and several other sordid allegations hurled at her from all angles and made no denials at the morning press conference.

Miss USA Tara Conner Cocaine, Lesbian Charges Not Enough for Axe

Miss USA Tara Conner Cocaine, Lesbian Charges Not Enough for Axe

She seemed legitimately thankful to the Donald for not giving her the axe, and for allowing her a second chance. It made for great, and I mean great, theater and now for the 99% of the country that had never heard of Tara Conner and don't even know how to pronounce her name correctly, the pageant will be a must see.

I just can't seem to get upset about it.


But many can. The soap opera has all the elements, gorgeous blondes experimenting and kissing in public, men being snuck into rooms for alleged sexual encounters, underage drinking and positive drug test results have all been reported. Talking heads filled the cable TV shows and many said they were outraged that Donald Trump could forgive the Kentucky gal just because she was blinded by the lights of Broadway.

I say good for Donald Trump and good for the young lass. She's not splitting the atom here, she's a beauty queen. And yes I know many young girls still look up to these gals and many parents force feed their kids into this lifestyle at an early age, but they might as well learn now that people make mistakes.


With those mistakes come consequences, Tara has had her name dragged thorough the mud for the last week, but a bit of forgiveness and leniency was the right move.


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