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Missing: Corey Haim Left Out of Oscars In Memoriam

Feb 28, 2011

Late actor Corey Haim passed away in 2010, but he was not included in the "In Memoriam" tribute on Sundayís Oscars, reveals Access Hollywood.
Missing: Corey Haim Left Out of Oscars In Memoriam.
Missing: Corey Haim Left Out of Oscars In Memoriam.

The UK Guardian calls it a snub and notes that "Haim was one of the world's most bankable actors before he turned 21, thanks to his roles in Lucas, License to Drive and The Lost Boys."


It has happened before.

CNN reveals Haim's pal Corey Feldman was furious that Haim wasn't included in the SAG awards tribute in January and ripped on the organization.

"We have become used to not being honored by our peers in the industry," Feldman told the Hollywood Reporter. "I have faith that the Academy will make a wiser choice."

The NBC Today Show noted that The Academy "recognized a slew of Hollywood notables who passed away over the past year, including Lynn Redgrave, Leslie Nielsen, Tony Curtis, ďTitanicísĒ Gloria Stuart, Jill Clayburgh, Dennis Hopper, Lena Horne and publicist Ronni Chasen."

Why the snub?

Cue the rep: The Academy has failed to comment yet.

(Image: WENN)

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