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Monica Lewinsky Redux? Bill Clinton Admits: 'I Like Britney Spears'

Mar 26, 2007

The era of YouTube likely won't be kind to Bill Clinton if his wife Hillary is nominated to represent the Democratic Party as their presidential candidate for 2008. Cameras will be watching Clinton closely, and any public 'Monica Lewinsky' moment will be captured on tape or by a cell phone video. And apparently Bubba is not looking forward to it - and also is none too happy with the tabloids. First, President Clinton admits he 'likes' fresh out of rehab' Britney Spears and then he notes that she (and he of course) should be left alone.

Monica Lewinsky Redux? Bill Clinton Admits: 'I Like Britney Spears'

Monica Lewinsky Redux? Bill Clinton Admits: 'I Like Britney Spears'

"I think there's something wrong with modern culture if Britney Spears - who I happen to like - can't have a personal crisis without having it splashed all over the tabloids," he griped to Women's Wear Daily.


Of course there is still that famous Star Magazine cover featuring former Clinton alleged lover Gennifer Flowers from the early nineties that prominently displayed the woman that had accused Bill Clinton of a years long affair. So it stands to reason that Bill would be no fan of the entertainment media.

But Bill and Hillary were able to slow the damage with a '60 Minutes' interview. Now let's just hope that Bill Clinton doesn't offer his assistance poor Britney, as Hillary won't survive a 'Monica Lewinsky redux.' Britney has enough problems and a Bubba and Britney duo certainly it wouldn't help his wife's presidential ambitions.


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