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New Photos: Guy From "Sham Wow" Arrested, Vince Shamwow Shlomi

Mar 30, 2009

Vince Shlomi The "Sham Wow" or Shamwow pitchman that you see on late night TV hocking those cool absorbent towels was arrested for an altercation with a woman identified in reports as a stripper or a hooker. The story is a wild one, and the documents were obtained by The Smoking Gun that tell a familiar late night tale of boy meets stripper slash hooker slash aspiring actress and model.
Vince Shamwow Shlomi Arrested

Vince Shamwow Shlomi Arrested

Man invites hooker back to hotel room and lays out one thousand dollars for what is dubbed as straight sex, according to the police report. It certainly wasn't just that as there was biting, bleeding and punching. Was it worth a grand? You decide.


Michael K gives the blow-by-blow, "While they were making out, Vince told the police that Sasha bit down on his tongue and wouldn't let go. This caused Vince to punch her several times until she let go. Once Vince had his tongue back in his own mouth and was able to get away, he ran crying and screaming into the lobby. Ahaha! Why do I picture the front desk bitch screaming, "Hey! You're the ShamWow dude!" while Vince was whining about his tongue almost getting bitten off."

TMZ checks in with even more photos of the pair and it shows it was quite the violent altercation, indeed. See the pictures here. The cops eventually showed and arrested both of them, got the story and presented their case to prosecutors. They have decided not to prosecute the case.


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