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Oops! Did Catherine Zeta-Jones Flash Fans?

Dec 22, 2009

Did Catherine Zeta-Jones give her fans at her new Broadway show an inadvertent flash of the flesh with a twist of the robe? According to a report, that is what is described by theater-goers that gave the story to the press. The original report came from one of the New York newspaper gossip pages, in this instance it was reported by the New York Post.
Oops! Did Catherine Zeta-Jones Flash Fans? (Image: Splash News)

Oops! Did Catherine Zeta-Jones Flash Fans? (Image: Splash News)

Jones, the buxom Welsh beauty was starring onstage with Angela Lansbury in "A Little Night Music" when these fans were certain they were given an unexpected and thrilling view along with other audience members.


But the oops! moment was not on Mrs. Michael Douglas, the oops! moment was on the audience as the star is never actually naked and the audience never sees anything raunchier than a body stocking.

Fans were so convinced they had seen the star naked, they told the Post that Zeta-Jones was flashing her breasts to audience members at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York.


But a spokesman for the play insisted: "Catherine Zeta-Jones is never 'naked' in any part of A Little Night Music. "For the scene referenced [to] she is, and always has been, completely covered in flesh-colored undergarments."

In the scene, Zeta-Jones's character is reunited with her long-lost lover - and opens her kimono to show him what he's been missing.


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