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Oops! Kris Allen Wife's See Through Thong, Clay Aiken Apology to Adam Lambert

May 25, 2009

Oops for American Idol chap Kris Allen and his lovely wife Katy Allen. Her see through pink thong has been exposed by TMZ! More oops from idol, perhaps Clay Aiken should have thought a bit before shooting of his mouth about this year's American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. He has now spurted out a quasi-apology after being hammered for his critical take on Lambert's performance.
Kris Allen Wife's See Through Thong Exposed by TMZ!

Kris Allen Wife's See Through Thong Exposed by TMZ!

Starting with Katy and Kris Allen, Top Idol has this, "You can buy wedding gifts up to a coupleís first anniversary, which means gift registries typically are accessible up to a year after a wedding! And not everything on Kris & Katy Allenís Bed Bath & Beyond registry was purchased, so come on, you know you want to, you crazy Kris fantardsÖyou totally know you do. Youíre already grabbing for your credit card so donít deny it!" What else did she get? Underwear necessities from Target! And while Mrs. Allen only asked for one, she got two pairs of see through mesh panties.


Clay Aiken railed against Adam Lambert, the rest of American idol and pretty much everyone that reported on what he said. Lambert has stayed above the fray and has yet to respond but even so, Aiken issued some sort of an apology to Adam for his unkind words.

Many believe the bitterness from Aiken runs deep against idol and especially judge Simon Cowell for their years long feud that continued this season. Shouldn't Aiken be thanking American idol and Cowell?

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