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Overheard in New York: Strippers and Breast Implants

Aug 29, 2006

Overheard in New York was first noted here on Monday by Cris Bergman. As I had never heard of the Overheard in New York web site I had to log on after reading the story.

It's actually quite genius. People will say anything and even if one doesn't actually hear the quotes that are documented on the web site, a bit of creative license can certainly be taken and published on what appears to be a very busy web site.


Submitting a quote is as easy as a click andfilling out aform. The gist of the whole thing is if you are eavesdropping and wish to share, Overheard in New York is your vehicle.

I wasted an hour on it on Monday night. My favorites that I can re-print (some are just downright awful) are as follows.


From the streets:

Chick: Is that Broadway? I think it is. I can't see.
Burly guy: Yeah. Didn't you put your contacts in?
Chick: No. I haven't bought new ones yet.
Burly guy: Jesus, Jen! You'll buy boobs but you won't buy contacts?
Chick: What's more important: contacts or boobs?

--Upper West Side

From the beach:

Mom's Backup Plan Was to Pretend to Drown
Girl: Am I going to have big boobs?
Flat-Chested mom: Um, probably not.
Girl: But boys like big boobs!
Flat-Chested mom: Only dumb boys do, because only dumb girls have big boobs.
Girl, after thinking for a minute: Grandma has huge ones.
Flat-Chested mom: Ooh, look at the pretty birds!


--Panama City Beach, Florida

The Personal Is Political

Woman #1: Your boss asked you to be sure to attend the company party at a strip club!?
Woman #2: Yeah, what's so bad about that?
Woman #1: Well, you're going to be surrounded by naked, gyrating ladies, and that's sexist and outrageous!
Woman #2: Really? I was looking forward to seeing my sister.

630 East Lake

Chicago, Illinois


There is plenty and I mean plenty more at the link below. But seriously be warned - many will find that some of the content is extremely objectionable.

On the web:

--Jo Anne Way writes from Seattle


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