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Panthers Cheerleaders Lesbian Sex Scandal: New Developments

Nov 11, 2005

A weeklong story of two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders that allegedly performed a lesbian sex act in a bathroom stall in Tampa continues to generate headlines. New developments seem to come in by the hour and even Penthouse is willing to pay big bucks for Panthers cheerleaders sex pictures - allegedly giving the girls a standing offer to pose nude.

The press and internet discussion show no signs of letting up anytime soon. The elements are there for the buzz. Sexy cheerleaders, alleged public lesbian sex, a drunken brawl, arrests, fake ID's and denials.

Photo Credit WFLA News Channel 8.

Photo Credit WFLA News Channel 8.

New Developments:

News Channel 8

-- A fugitive arrest warrant was issued for blonde bombshell cheerleader 20-year old Renee Thomas.

--28-year old beauty Angela Keathley has been put on indefinite leave from her job as a nurse in North Carolina after the incident.

--Both gals have been dismissed as cheerleaders from the squad.

--Penthouse now reportedly has an offer for the cheerleaders to pose nude in the men's magazine.

-- Renee Thomas has issued a statement claiming that there was 'no sex' and that the moaning coming from the stall was the girls 'comforting each other.'

-- Angela Keathley released the same type statement through Tampa attorney Joe Episcopo. ``She just wanted to make clear there was no sex."

--Her claim now - Keathley became "emotional'' overmeeting (or discussing)her ex-boyfriend in the bar. "The blonde was comforting her."

-- Meanwhile, to capitalize on its sudden notoriety, Banana Joe's is offering no cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays to patrons who dress like cheerleaders. Actual cheerleaders who are 21 or older can drink free, said Bridgette Collier, director of operations.


It maybe a little late for sex denials. Witnesses have told police that it was clear the pair were involved in sex acts in the stall.

David Letterman dedicated his Top Ten to the scandalto the pair acouple of nights ago:

Top Ten Questions On The Carolina Panthers Cheerleading Application

10. "You're cool about getting freaky in restrooms, right?"

9. "If you don't get the job, are you gonna punch me?"

8. "Can I see your pom-poms?"

7. "Have you and another girl ever gone into the red zone?"

6. "Would you describe yourself as a 'slut' or a 'tramp'?"

5. "Would you like to participate in a special event with me and my wife?"

4. "Are you willing to stand outside, half-naked in January for minimum wage?"

3. "What's John Madden like in the sack?"

2. "How do you look in a mug shot?"

1. "Would you mind if I tried splitting your uprights?"

With the NFL weekend just around the corner - don't expect any let up in these stories anytime soon. The buzz is till white hot.

Add to that- the Carolina Panthers play at home this Sunday, and the remaining cheerleading 'TopCats' should be on the field for the game - unless the organization opts to pull the squad for this game.

The signs in the stands from the fans should be something to watch.

--Cris Bergman with reportsfrom WFLA News Channel 8.


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