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Pop: Corrie Loftin Nude (Photos) Shania Twain Busts Out, Batman Suit in Turkey

Nov 13, 2008

Thursday's edition of pop three swerves into familiar territory with Paris Hilton's BFF Corrie Loftin. As shocking as this might seem she has posed nude in Playboy. Shania Twain is back and busting out and Shania was even flirting and flaunting on the CMA stage. Skipping around the globe, the Mayor of a city in Turkey called Batman is suing Batman for being called Batman. It's a ridiculous as it sounds.
Shania Twain is Back! (Image: Wenn)

Shania Twain is Back! (Image: Wenn)

Pop One:
According to a report from E! Online, even before making the cut as a finalist on Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Corrie Loftin had a starring role in a Girls Gone Wild video. Next up would be Playboy photos except she has already done them. TMZ has links to the pictures of the celebrity wanna be here (first jump is safe) and the buxom beauty went by the name of Devin Lexen.


Pop Two: Shania Twain presented the CMA Award for entertainer of the year on Wednesday night. She looked great and all of her friends from country music were standing and cheering for the singer who even got in a little flirting with country star Kenny Chesney who seemed quite enamored with the legendary singer.

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Pop Three: The mayor of Batman, Turkey, is suing Warner Brothers. The reason according to an earlier report from Jon Shanks, Huseyin Kalkan, Batman's mayor wants Huseyin Kalkan, Batman's mayor. Good luck with that.


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