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Miley Cyrus Like Elvis Presley? Priscilla Presley Makes Comparison

By Staff
Feb 26, 2014
Miley Cyrus is Elvis?

Is Miley Cyrus comparable to Elvis Presley? In a humorous statement, Priscilla Presley has compared Miley to the King of Rock and Roll.

The ex-wife of the legendary late singer thinks the 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker is ''very talented'' and doesn't see anything wrong with her infamous 'twerking' dance moves as the 'Jailhouse Rock' star was slammed for his suggestive hip movements, which were seen as vulgar in the 1950s.

Priscilla told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I think she's very talented. I really can't criticise, because Elvis went through the same thing.''

However, Priscilla thinks Miley - who has been criticised for her stage antics, which include simulating a sex act and dancing in skimpy outfits during her 'Bangerz' tour - and other young stars take raunchy performances to an ''extreme'' and she doesn't understand the former Disney star's outrageous behaviour.

She continued: ''It's taken to extreme [today]. I don't know what to think of her, I really don't. I think maybe Miley feels she has to express herself and this is what she needs right now.''

She said Elvis, who died in 1977, had ''sex appeal'' when he was younger, but he was bothered by the reaction to his dance movements, which were inspired by listening to gospel music.

Priscilla, 68, explained: ''He got reprimanded really by not only the public but a lot of people from high places, who were like, 'Gosh, who's this on the scene, it's vulgar'.''

Meanwhile, Priscilla, who was married to Elvis for six years and had a daughter, Lisa Marie, with the star, has dedicated her time to the new '60 Years of Rock 'n' Roll' exhibit at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, which features a number of mementos of the star's legacy.

She said: ''I have so many memories. I can walk in this house and feel the energy. I walk in the door and it's like, 'Oh my gosh!' His spirit is definitely here.''

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