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Queen Latifah Lesbian Wedding to Jeanette Jenkins?

Dec 11, 2007

Is she ready to get married? There has been all kinds of speculation that Queen Latifah is set for a lesbian wedding where she would marry her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins. While that would certainly make work outs easier as Jeanette would be right by her side all the time, she says that the rumors are more than a bit off.
Queen Latifah Lesbian Wedding to Jeanette Jenkins? (Image: Wenn)

Queen Latifah Lesbian Wedding to Jeanette Jenkins? (Image: Wenn)

Too bad, they certainly make a cute couple. For the record, Queen Latifah has never said that she is gay, though it seems like it is the general consensus among many. Some members of the gay community would love for her to not only admit to being a lesbian, but coming out. I think she's great either way, and let her do whatever she wants at her own speed.


She is making certain that everyone knows there are no impending nuptials. Us Weekly has a photo of the "couple" here with this report and denial. Queen Latifah has set the record straight on rumors that she is wedding her long-time female personal trainer.

"When you're famous these days, it's just part of the deal - unfortunately," she told the Chicago Sun-Times this past weekend while promoting her upcoming Christmas comedy The Perfect Holiday. "People will make up all sorts of things that are not true," she said, adding, "There ain't gonna be no wedding."


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