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Ramiele Malubay Racy Photos: Breasts Groped by Lesbian Pals, American Idol Scandal?

Mar 2, 2008

Another American Idol photos scandal may be on the horizon. Ramiele Malubay, the adorable little gal with the big voice has a photo that is being sent all over the World Wide Web and it shows her partying with friends. The problem is that her breasts are being groped by some of her female friends and it is being dubbed a lesbian photos scandal for that reason.
American Idol Finalist Ramiele Malubay Racy Photos

American Idol Finalist Ramiele Malubay Racy Photos

There are three girls in the photograph and it is your typical MySpace type fait and there is no nudity. Two separate girlfriends each have their hands on her breasts and Ramiele Malubay has ger mouth open in a faux shocked look. The photo is blurry and for some reason is in black and white.


If this is the only photo out there for the very talented girl she is likely fine. However, if she is posing like this with her clothes on, many will wonder if there are any more photos like this with her clothes off. There is already one scandal brewing for another American idol gal.

Earlier this week it was claimed that someone in her home town was shopping Amanada Overmeyer nude photos around. She is the nurse with the wild black and blonde hair and the report came from the National Enquirer. It is not known if there really are photos and so far, none have been posted. The photo of Ramiele is here at The Hollywood Gossip.

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