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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014 - Who Wins This Season with Juan Pablo Galavis?

By Staff
Feb 10, 2014
Reality Steve Reveals Who Juan Pablo Galavis Chooses - Bachelor 2014

Reality Steve is the authority when it comes to Bachelor spoilers and in this season's finale, he has revealed who wins the finals rose for season 18 from Juan Pablo Galavis.

The Bachelor is off and running this season and it has had it's share of controversy, the first hit when Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis' shared his opinion on a possible gay or bisexual Bachelor, saying he thought the show would be too racy with a gay man seeking a husband.

While many took issue with his assessment, he tried to chalk it up to a poor language translation (English is Juan Pablo's second language).

However he didn't do himself any favors on his worries of a horny gay Bachelor freaking out TV audiences as he went appeared to have sex with one the contestants last week and it was caught on camera.

One of the contestants - Clare Crawley - snuck out of the hotel room she was sharing with the other contestants to pay the Venezuelan Bachelor a visit at 4 a.m.

They headed to the ocean for some possible lovemaking in the sea and they appeared to have sex sort of caught on camera, but she has denied anything happened while they made out in the ocean.

So - who wins this thing?

Reality Steve has what he believes are all the answers here.

Spoilers are below - so only read below this if you realty want to know which woman wins The Bachelor 2014 and who Juan Pablo Galavis chooses for the final rose and a possible big diamond engagement ring.

The final four reveal from Reality Steve are contestants Renee, Clare, Andi and Nikki.

Remember - Clare is the girl who Juan Pablo had appeared to have sex with in the ocean scene.

And according Steve, Clare and the blonde nurse Nikki make the finals.

But even with Clare's extra lovemaking - she doesn't win!

Juan Pablo picks Nikki Ferrell, accoring to the prediction.

But - they aren't engaged right now!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

(Image: ABC)

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