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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014 - Season 18 Winner Chosen by Juan Pablo Galavis?

By Staff
Feb 3, 2014
Reality Steve Bachelor Spoliers for 2014 - Juan Pablo Galavis Chooses...

Reality Steve has made his prediction for The Bachelor 2014 and the spoilers say Juan Pablo Galavis has chosen his lady for the winner of the final rose ceremony.

The ABC dating show The Bachelor airs tonight (Monday, February 3, 2014) and the hunky Juan Pablo and the bachelorettes will travel to another exotic locale - this time Vietnam - and after the rose ceremony, the eight remaining women and Juan journey to New Zealand.

So who does Juan Pablo eventually choose as the woman he wants to marry and have him help raise his daughter?

The spoilers for the final four are below - only read if you wish to spoil the remaining episodes by knowing who is going to win.

It should be noted that reality Steve was incorrect last season in his prediction.

However, the reality TV blogger has predicted many of the winners from the previous seasons, so his track record is somewhat good.

Will he get the predictions right for season 18? (Spoilers are below)

Here is his final four prediction for this year - Reality Steve says the final four contestants on The Bachelor for this season are Renee, Clare, Andi and Nikki.

Also according Steve, the final rose ceremony features Nikki Ferrell and Clare and the blonde nurse Nikki comes out as the winner.

According to the prediction, Juan Pablo does not propose to Nikki at the final rose ceremony and the two are not currently engaged, though so as many of these 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' romances go, they may not go on to live happily ever after together.

Check out more here.

What do you think of reality Steve's prediction?

Is he correct, and will you be happy if he picked the right person as the winner, do you want to see a Nikki and Juan Pablo televised wedding somewhere down the line?

(Image: ABC)

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