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Reality Steve Spoilers Bachelorette 2013: Twitter Refute from Nate Hartsock, Who Does Desiree Pick?

By Staff
Jul 29, 2013
Reality Steve Says Desiree Hartsock Picks Who?

The spoilers from Reality Steve for the 2013 Bachelorette have been revealed, but were questioned by Desiree's brother Nate Hartsock on Twitter.

Do we now know who Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock picks to marry this year on the reality TV dating show?

The show Monday night will reveal one more eliminated would be suitor for the beautiful Desiree and Reality Steve has a very good track record of revealing the winners prior to the final rose ceremony.

He has already said who he believes win the 2013 Bachelorette.

Some tabloid reports have claimed that Des Hartstock is indeed engaged, but who placed the engagement ring on her finger?

There are spoilers below - so don't read any further unless you wish to know Reality Steve's opinion on who he believes the brunette chooses to possibly marry.

The three men who remain on the show are:




Spoilers below!

Last week, RS was wrong on who went home (see details of that miss here).

After that - the prediction goes like this...Drew is eliminated tonight setting up a Chris/Brooks finale.

During the final - Des will then choose Brooks Forester for the final rose, Reality Steve then claims.

So - Chris is out on the final show.


Here is exactly what Nate Hartsock told someone privately in an email conversation just recently, according to RS:

"I cannot tell you who wins, but Reality Steve is wrong."

He addresses that here and says:

"Hmmmmm, so Desiree’s brother, a guy who appeared on the show not only to talk to her in LA, but we’ll be seeing in Antigua as well, is saying that the spoiler is wrong? Interesting. I’ll say this in return: Despite what Nate Hartsock is telling people privately on Twitter, I stand behind my sources. From everything I have seen and gathered over the last 3 months regarding the outcome of this show, I am confident enough to say that Desiree ends up engaged to Brooks, and that’s what we’ll see come Aug. 5th. How she gets to that point is the mystery that I’m unaware of as of now, but I’m confident enough in saying that is the end result. Nate Hartsock is saying I’m wrong. I guess we’ll see once the finale airs."

Is Reality Steve right again - or did he get it wrong?

The Bachelor airs tonight and one man will be eliminated - will you tune in to see who goes home on The Bachelorette?


A wild ending on The Bachelorette tonight!

Brooks Forester decided he wasn’t feeling it for the heartbroken Desiree Hartsock, at least not enough to drop down on one knee in just one week’s time and he is out.

After a talk with Chris Harrison, the man who many thought would ask Des to marry him is out!

Who will she choose next week?

More here.

(Image: ABC)

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Reality Steve Spoilers Bachelorette 2013 - Twitter Refute from Nate Hartsock, Who Does Desiree Pick?



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